Fast ForWord


Achieve 1-2 years of reading gains in just 40 - 60 hours work with
brain-based learning

Achieve 1-2 years of reading gains in just 40 - 60 hours work with brain-based learning



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Our literacy and math solutions accelerate learning by targeting the root causes of learning challenges and providing personalized instruction in a blended learning environment.

Our brain-based approach results in strong cognitive skills that are core to reading and language, like memory, attention, processing, and sequencing.

Fast ForWord


Developed on the basis of 20 years of neuroscientific study, over 250 studies have proven its efficacy in learning.

These include the following findings from leading educational institutions across the U.S:

Harvard Medical School found that Fast ForWord can foster neural plasticity that enhances brain responsiveness to rapid auditory transitions and improves language and reading skills.


A Stanford study found that Fast ForWord resulted in improved reading and ameliorated disrupted function in brain regions associated with language.

Rutgers found that, with Fast ForWord training, children with dyslexia showed brain activity much more like that of the typical-reading group and their reading scores improved significantly.


Cornell University also found that Fast ForWord language intervention resulted in changes in brain function in children with dyslexia while improving their reading ability.



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What is Zorbit’s Math?

Everyone is a math person, just not everyone knows it yet.

We are not your source for passive lectures and rote learning drills.

We are a suite of digital tools, hands-on resources and teacher supports that help you go beyond paper worksheets and teaching to a test.


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